Data Analysis with Python and Pandas

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The course curriculum

The curriculum for this Data Analysis with Python and Pandas training incorporates all updates a list of broad topics covered

  • Course Introduction
  • Getting Pandas and Fundamentals
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section introduction
  • Creating and Navigating a Dataframe
  • Slices, head and tail
  • Indexing
  • Visualizing The Data
  • Converting To Python List Or Pandas Series
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section introduction
  • Read Csv And To Csv
  • io operations
  • Read_hdf and to_hdf
  • Read Json And To Json
  • Read Pickle And To Pickle
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section introduction
  • Column Manipulation (Operatings on columns, creating new ones)
  • Column and Dataframe logical categorization Statistical Functions Against Data (7:34)
  • Moving and rolling statistics
  • Rolling apply
  • Section Outro
  • Section Intro
  • drop na
  • Filling Forward And Backward Na
  • detecting outliers
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section Introduction
  • Concatenation
  • Appending data frames
  • Merging dataframes
  • Joining dataframes
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section Introduction
  • Basic Sorting
  • Sorting by multiple rules
  • Resampling basics time and how (mean, sum etc)
  • Resampling to ohlc
  • Correlation and Covariance
  • Mapping custom functions
  • Graphing percent change of income groups
  • Buffering basics
  • Buffering Into And Out Of Hdf5
  • Section Conclusion
  • Section Introduction
  • Writing to reading from database into a data frame
  • Resampling data and preparing graph
  • Finishing Manipulation And Graph
  • Section and course Conclusion