Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last decade. Marketing is all about communicating, and the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate. The Internet is a marketer's dream come true, especially with social media, as you have a low cost marketing tool that can reach a large audience.

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Internet Marketing Fundamentals Training program course overview

Internet Marketing Fundamentals will provide your participants with a great set of skills to market your business online. Content is the king of Internet marketing, and your participants will need to know how to utilize your great content. If you want your business to grow then your participants need to understand Internet Marketing Fundamentals.

The registration process

Once you have completed our simplified enrolment process, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your payment receipt in your registered email ID. You can then access the entire content of the online student portal immediately by logging in to your account on our site. Should you require any assistance please reach out to us via email ( or via our online chat system.

The course curriculum

The curriculum for this Internet Marketing Fundamentals training incorporates all updates. The following is a list of broad topics covered:

  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  • Getting Started
  • SWOT Analysis in Marketing
  • SWOT Analysis in Marketing Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Real Time Marketing
  • Real Time Marketing Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Management Management
  • Review Questions
  • Social Media (I)
  • Social Media (I) Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Social Media (II)
  • Social Media (II)
  • Review Questions
  • SEO Basics
  • SEO Basics Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Website Characteristics (4:20)
  • Website Characteristics Case Study (0:28)
  • Review Questions
  • Capturing Leads
  • Capturing Leads Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Campaign Characteristics
  • Campaign Characteristics Case Study
  • Review Questions
  • Closing