Introduction To Docker

If you want an eye-popping addition to your resume, Docker is one skill that pops! Like its name, Docker, this software could be likened to a cargo ship. It's used to package, load and deliver software with ease. Docker draws from the features of the Linux OS to automate app deployment. In this course, you'll get a complete guide and overview of using Linux so that you are not left behind if the Linux platform is new to you. Next, you'd learn about Docker itself and its infrastructure

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Introduction to Docker training program overview

It's no news that you can transfer a file from one computer to another before you're even done reading this line.

But it wasn't always that way.

Less than a century ago you'd opt to ship rice from Japan to the Americas than transfer files between computers.

Yes, it was that tough.

And then Docker came into the picture. And it changed everything.

Surprisingly, Docker doesn't stop at being a transformational computer program. It's also a fun program to learn.

So Docker works much like a cargo ship. You'd package containers and cartons in a cargo ship, send them off to their destinations and deliver them to their owners.

Although Docker is native to Linux, it works on Mac OS and Windows too.

In this course, You'll discover how to install it on Windows and Mac operating systems. And you'll learn about containers and images. You'll also discover how to create images and handle web server administration.
Once you have a grip of the Docker infrastructure, image and containers, and running servers you'll go into the more intricate details. They include,

  • Docker commands,
  • Push and pull images,
  • Hub,
  • Image customization, and
  • Tags

You'll wrap up this course by creating a WordPress website that works, using Docker. This exercise gives you a hands-on experience of the Docker language.



At the end of this course, you will learn to:

  • Develop competency in using the Linux operating system
  • Build your WordPress site using Docker.

You'll bring all these skills together to qualify as a professional with a sound understanding of Docker.



You will come through this course with the skill to build solutions using Docker. So by the end of this course, you’ll be able to create app deployment solutions.

What’s included in the training course?

The registration process

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The course curriculum

The following is a list of broad topics covered

  • Course Introduction
  • Section Introduction
  • What Is Docker
  • Docker Toolbox
  • Docker on Non-Linux Machines
  • Installing Docker On Osx
  • Installing Docker On Windows
  • Section Summary
  • Section Introduction
  • Images And Containers
  • Creating An Image
  • Running A Web Server
  • Review
  • Section Summary
  • Section Introduction
  • Docker Hub
  • Running Containers
  • Customizing An Image
  • Docker Commands
  • Section Summar
  • Section Introduction
  • Running Wordpress
  • Section Summary
  • Course Summary