Powerful Reports & Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is the easiest to use reporting, data analysis and interactive dashboard tool available today! Microsoft Power BI is available for free - all you need to do is sign up! In this course I will teach you how to easily turn your data into powerful intelligence and insight to drive your business decisions. Power BI uses powerful drag and drop capabilities that make it a breeze to create reports and dashboard. I will also show you how easy it is to publish your dashboards and to access them through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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Powerful Reports & Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI Training program course overview

Microsoft Power BI is continually evolving. We have added the following new lessons to address the new features that Power BI have added in recent months:

Using the new Table and Matrix visualizations Creating Drill through between different sheets.

For example, you could be reviewing a list of Products and want to select one Product to view a summary of this product

Themes - Learn how to add new Power BI Themes from the Community Theme Gallery

Changes in Custom Visuals - We look at how to easily add Custom Visualizations from the new Microsoft Office Store

Creating Apps - Learn how to easily share your dashboards and reports using Power BI apps and App workspaces

Relative Date Filters - In this lesson we show how to easily create a dashboard displaying Microsoft stock data. Easily filter your data to display the last 7 days, last 14 days, last month or previous 3 months using relative date filters

Quick Measures - Learn how to easily create and use Quick Measures. Calculate averages across categories or Year to Date totals on tables.

Ribbon Chart - Learn to use the new Ribbon Chart to visualize the ranking of items across date ranges or other categories.

The registration process

Once you have completed our simplified enrolment process, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your payment receipt in your registered email ID. You can then access the entire content of the online student portal immediately by logging in to your account on our site. Should you require any assistance please reach out to us via email (support@greycampus.com) or via our online chat system.

The course curriculum

The curriculum for this Powerful Reports & Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI training incorporates all updates The following is a list of broad topics covered

  • Download the Training Data Files and Learner Guide
  • Practical Activity
  • Signing up for PowerBI
  • Download the Power BI Desktop Designer
  • Introduction to Reports in Power BI
  • Tables and Metrics Practical Activity (Challenge 1)
  • Answers to Tables and Metrics Practical Activity
  • Table Styles, Formatting and Conditional Formatting
  • Changing the Method of Aggregation
  • Challenge 2
  • Tables and Cards
  • Challenge 3
  • The Quick Calc Option
  • Filtering Data - Using Slicers
  • Filtering Data - Visual Filters
  • Filtering Data - Page Filters
  • Challenge 4
  • New Feature - New Tables and Matrix Visualizations
  • New Feature - DrillThrough Filter
  • New Feature - Quick Measures
  • Column Graphs
  • Stacked and 100% Graphs
  • Challenge 5
  • Graph Options
  • Trend Analysis Graphs
  • Additional Graphs
  • Scatterplots
  • Bubbleplots
  • New Feature - Ribbon Chart
  • Creating Interactive Dashboards
  • Publishing Dashboards
  • Pinning and Q & A
  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Power BI on Mobile
  • New Feature - Themes
  • New Feature - Change in Custom Visuals
  • New Feature - Creating Power BI Apps
  • New Feature - Relative Filters
  • DAX Formulas
  • Time Intelligence
  • Formatting Dates
  • Date Master Tables
  • Introduction to DAX Measures
  • The Calculate Formula
  • Creating and Managing Relationships in Power BI
  • Using Custom Visualizations in Power BI
  • Using the Related Formula
  • Providing Feedback to Employees
  • Providing Feedback to Employees Case Study
  • Introduction to Analyze Power BI Data with Excel
  • Creating Measures for Excel Analysis
  • Additional Measures for Excel
  • Conclusion