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Are you a seeking a career in Cloud, DevOps & Automation? Have you learnt the tools required for automating systems, cloud infrastructure and application lifecycles, the tools facilitating effective DevOps? Grey Campus stepping into Windows PowerShell is your next step. 

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Course Overview


Stepping into PowerShell course will help you start from basics even if you haven’t heard about PowerShell before. It will start with Introduction to PowerShell. After introducing ourselves to history, value proposition and future of PowerShell, we will look at how to get started with PowerShell Operations and get comfortable interacting with it. Once you are comfortable interacting, we will try to do things in PowerShell like Developers when creating programs & building applications. We will cover the foundational support given my PowerShell to write rich and powerful scripts using programming like constructs for data storage, condition check and loops.
The Introduction to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) module will help you understand WMI without any prior knowledge. We will also look at how PowerShell & WMI make essential combination for robust automation.
Having acquired the basics, we will take the 9 Steps Journey from Commands to Scripting. This will help you understand how you start with small tasks in PowerShell and build reusable automation in PowerShell.
We will also look at how to handle Errors and Debug Scripts in this course so that you can create error free automation easily and effectively.
You need automation to manage infrastructure on remote computers. During this course you will understand basic PowerShell Remoting concepts and get comfortable with it. 

  • Learning Aids: Yes
  • E-Learning Access: 1 Year
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Yes

Course Outline


This course is designed to teach IT professionals, System Administrators, Developers and Helpdesk Persons about stepping into the world of PowerShell scripting and automation


There is no certification for PowerShell alone. However, if you are aiming for any Microsoft latest certifications then a general assumption and expectation is to have good PowerShell knowledge.


Learn enough basics of how PowerShell works, how to automate easily using PowerShell and deliver greater excellence in your automation endeavors.

Course Introduction

Introduction To PowerShell

Getting Started With PowerShell

Everything is Object

Do it like Developers

Work With External Data

Introduction to WMI (Windows Management Intrumentation)

The 9 Steps Journey from Commands to Scripting

PowerShell Development

PowerShell Security

PowerShell Error Management

PowerShell Remoting


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