Developing on the EOS Blockchain

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Any IT professional or hobbyist anticipating a solid understanding of how cryptocurrency and smart contract technology works and desires an understanding of crypto's use cases and potential (including blockchains and distributed applications) needs to go through this course to leverage cryptocurrency and smart contracts in new or existing development projects. Anyone desiring to learn how cryptocurrency solutions are designed, configured, and developed needs the knowldege and practice presented in this course. This not only includes web, mobile, and service application developers, but also architects, UI designers, testers, and administrators. This course provides a solid understanding of how crypto and blockchain technology works and a solid foundation for platform evaluation and learning lower level details.

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Course Overview

Developing on the EOS Blockchain Training program course overview

This course was built for forward-looking developers who need to familiarize themselves with the advanced blockchain technology offered by EOS. With a new, major upgrade rolling out, the material presented here is based on this new MainNet version code. This course is designed for those developers who want to begin creating cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and distributed apps on the EOS blockchain platform and need a good springboard to start their descent into this deep and detailed set of technologies, theories, and implementations. This course focuses on the outstanding components of EOS technologies and weaves them together to create a solid understanding of the system stack's component interactions and dependencies. Of course, the info presented here is just as valuable for architects, testers, and product managers as they too should understand how the EOS blockchain platform is designed and used to create the next level of distributed applications on the blockchain.

This course IS NOT intended for non-technical students. The content presented is in the context of technical review and implementation.

The registration process

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Course Outline

Starting with EOS
What we'll learn
The State of the Blockchain
EOS Design Requirements
The Delegated Proof of Consensus Mechanism
Blockchain Producers
Blockchain Basics
Blockchain Security
Blockchain - When & Where
Blockchain Structure
Smart Contracts
Blockchain File Distribution
Proof of Work
Proof of Stake
Delegated Proof of Stake
Accounts & Actions
Account Role-based Permissions
Permission Levels & Mapping
Delayed Actions & Account Recovery
Deterministic Parallel Execution of Apps
Structure of EOS Blocks
Read-Only Action Handlers & Atomic Transactions
Best-Effort Scheduling
Deferred Transactions & Context Free Actions
EOS Token Model
Measures, Costs, & Workers
EOS Blockchain Governance
Scripting & VM's
Inter-Blockchain Communications
Setting Up a Dev Environment
EOS Testnet & Toolset
Accounts and Wallets
A Gentle Introduction to Smart Contracts
A Simple Smart Contract
Wrap Up


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